About Us

For over 15 years, Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc. has worked on the development of advanced communications solutions for customers in a variety of sectors, including military, government and commercial enterprise.

The company is particularly noted for its expertise in the development of high-performance multiprocessor interconnect technologies, including backplane bus and switched network architectures.

Edgewater offers a range of advanced products in the fields of multi-channel wireless and wired data communication, and develops custom technology solutions for defense organizations across the world.

Founded in 1988 as a technology consulting firm, Ottawa-based Edgewater Computer Systems specialized in providing the defense sector with expertise in the evaluation and design of technologies to support real-time high-performance multiprocessor systems.

With renowned expertise in the design of system hardware and software, organizations in the defense sector regularly approach Edgewater for solutions to some of their most challenging technology problems.

By 1999, and already a significant success in its engineering services business, Edgewater had self-financed its growth into a products company.

Today, Edgewater offers a range of communications products in addition to its engineering services. Supporting both the wired and wireless elements of network architecture, the company's high-performance products are designed to enhance the communications capabilities of military, government and enterprise networks.